Saturday, 27 April 2013

What a week!

Hi, and sorry for the pause yet again. This week (apart from giving up artichokes) has gone thus:

Monday. I had to take the car in for servicing, which entails driving half an hour to Clifton, then waiting in Clifton while the vehicle is hopefully operated on to make her purr along for the next few months. Usually it goes well - one hour and she's mine again and I head for home. Not so good this time around. Firstly I was feeling rather greenish, like slime on wet concrete. Secondly this time around I had to wait for two hours+ to reclaim my burro. This was distinctly not good. The receptionist dropped me off in the middle of town to have a drink at the cafe. She said she'd call when the car was ready. Having had my coffee at the cafe I could no longer tolerate sitting on the hideously uncomfortable chair at the wobbly glass table. Mischief was very excited and happy as, sitting by the footpath, she had the chance to talk to every passerby.I sagged steadily. Finally I picked up all our gear (this has to include a bottle of water and drinking bowl) and started hobbling my way back to the garage. Mischief is the world's worst on the lead, so I was tugged this way and the other until I was so fed up I let her off and just called her to heel constantly. I found all the seats possible on the long walk (don't know the exact distance, but at least two kilometres). Finally I sagged my way into the mechanic's office, where the resident woman took some measure of pity on me and gave me a plastic cup of cold water. Then I sat on their uncomfortable seat until I could sit no more, when I went in search of the car. Praises be - it was ready, but there was no-one around whom I could pay. Eventually I gave up and told the mechanic I just had to go home. My green sliminess must have shown, as he offered to drive me back. He didn't know how long it would take him! I thanked him very much and strapped myself in. He said anxiously was I going to be alright, and I said I felt better supported by the car seat and belt. I departed, and never was gladder to get home. The dogs, who hadn't had their meal, were similarly ecstatic to see me...

A Zelda lookalike!

Tuesday you already know (I gave up artichokes!!), in addition lying around the place a fair bit feeling only as green as a frog - that was an improvement. Wednesday and Thursday I felt similar - everything was an aching, uphill plod. Surely this was not all due to those darned vegetables?

Yesterday, however, was a great improvement, so I went around for an hour and a half with the handyman, David, and not only did we remove the For Sale signs down by the road (plans have to be changed a bit, as I said) but also did some essential organising around the place, to my great satisfaction. I didn't register the pain until David left, when I realised the week's aches were back. Darn. But we did a great job between us of tidying up such things as a long plastic pipe that had to be pulled out of the grass and rolled up. Banjo was a great help with this, though David didn't seem excited to have a dog blissfully tugging the pipe in the opposite direction. Can't please some people!

Today has been a wall-to-wall sneeze, carry round the tissues, day - so that's what has been building. Thank heavens it has finally emerged so I can deal with the monstrous virus. After the morning in bed I swaddled myself in a way that would make the Chinese proud, then took some good herbals. By now I have few sneezes but still the aches, so I shall continue the swelter treatment until tomorrow. Definitely the winter bugs are on the prowl... I shall have to think healthy thoughts for the next few days, but will definitely live!

Keep well, everyone!

Cheers - Fliss.

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