Friday, 5 April 2013

My ears and whiskers, I'm late!

I'm so sorry - I am very late posting this time around. I had the delight of a visit from son Duncan and the three grandchildren, last seen at Christmas so of course all several inches taller. I had schemed that I would ask Rebecca to post a story about her pig, Stella, but it came to nothing. She shied away every time I mentioned it. Right at the end of the visit she asked nervously, 'Um, what IS a blog?' Tut, tut, and she a modern child! Or maybe blogs are now totally off the agenda for wired-up children. Everything is evolving so quickly. Anyway, I have asked her to send me another photo of Stella, and Lachlan said he will organise it, so hopefully I will have a cute picture to post shortly. I've also asked Duncan for a group shot.

I enjoyed myself thoroughly seeing all the family, though I think I become more abrasive as time goes on. At one point Duncan said maybe I was becoming a grumpy old woman. Too late - I have fully graduated, alas, in grumpiness. I think it's partly that I have become so used to my own company (inasmuch as I talk to very few people nowadays, and dogs don't verbalise a heap). It is also hard being deaf as I rarely hear what is said in a group. Non-deaf people often have the attitude that deafness equals stupidity. It's the same attitude that folk sometimes adopt if unfamiliar with handicapped people in wheelchairs. It can make life tricky, and many people are like me and retreat to their own company a lot. I can usually hear when talking direct to someone, or at least work out what they are saying, but it is an effort on both sides. 

No matter, with the internet the world is always at one's feet, while phones and TV can be turned up - though I have reached the point where I think TV subtitles would be good, if I knew how to get them.

Back to the visit, which has left me with a host of fun memories: I had a list a metre long of bits and pieces I needed help with, and the family jumped in and did everything instantly. The large dog kennel was shifted into Banjo's yard (though it half fell apart in the transition due to termites), all the snake repellers were checked and replaced where necessary (I can't hear whether or not they work, so the family checks for me), the frying pan lid was fixed, a limping gate was fixed, my new printer was installed - it was quite amazing - what wonderful people!

Then, out of spite, the alien ants struck back - the shower water was cold for Duncan, while I frantically rang the electrician. The ants had decided to move into the wiring part of the hot water tank. How rude! Anyway, courtesy of the nice and efficient man, the tank was fixed within half an hour by fiddling around with chewed off wires and blocked entry points. Fantastic, but too late for Duncan's ablutions.

 source: Google images

I had bought a Readers Digest game as part of Christmas, which I handed over at this visit. It's an elaborate round-the-world competition and a heap of fun. We spent half of yesterday playing it. Becca is too young for the 12-and-over designation, but played anyway, and won both times with no help from anyone. How humiliating for the rest of us! I must remember we have a demon game player in the family...

Too soon they departed, bearing a pumpkin and some assorted leaves and leaving me with a messy house but happy heart.

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