Tuesday, 23 April 2013

catch-up time for the next while!

Hi again, 

And I don't quite know which end of string to pull! I guess, with the Move. But what have I to tell? Just a lot more frustration. All the bargain houses in the area I looked at moving to, outside Ipswich, have sold, while although places are starting to sell up here the market is still incredibly flaccid one way or the other. The agent who came round the other day has not been in touch since, so maybe he's not as dynamic as he said. I have bad thoughts about hot air mongers that promise roses and leave you with weeds.

Oh, talking of weeds. I gave up on trying to make my stomach happy with Jerusalem artichokes and gave them all away. El found a lovely quote about them, dating back to 1621, a chap called John Goodyer. he said, 'in my judgement, in whatsoever way they be drest and eaten they stir up and cause a filthie loathsome stinking winde with the bodie, thereby causing the belly to bee much bloated and tormented... more fit for swine than men.'

They knew how to express themselves in the 17th century! El is still trying to find recipes which agree with her, but I don't want the suffering. And as to El' suggestion that I feed the artichokes to the dogs?

Sorry - today is definitely what you might call a basic day!!

Smile, and the world smiles with you!

Take care - Fliss

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