Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Harvest of Jerusalem artichokes

With mind made up to sell and move, I decided I would also work on harvesting and replanting, so I can leave the winter crop in for the new owners. At least that's the idea. Hence today I wrestled with my one artichoke plant. It wasn't meant to exist, as last year I became bored with preparing the knobbly tubers, cooking and then finding I hadn't cooked for long enough. I lack patience, as Jerusalem artichokes are delicious when cooked long enough, boiled until the saucepan is tender, approximately. As I steam most of my 'greens' I kept being optimistic about being able to do the same with the artichokes. It doesn't work!

As a result, I yanked up all the artichokes last year. However, clearly one little piece survived, and a happy plant grew. Today it was consigned to the goats after I fought through its root system for the bulk of the tubers (I gave El two large ones yesterday, and there will be all the outliers hiding throughout the bed, still to find).

Here are the results:
Interpreting my clumsy photo, it's about 3/4 of a bucket full. That's a lot of tenderised saucepans!

Changing the subject, irritant of the day: yesterday I bought a bag of plums, only to find that every mortal one has a sticker on it stuck, I swear, with Super Glue. So I have to remove the sticker plus the skin under it so I can wash the plum...that definitely takes away the fun of the exercise!

Well, this is a short mail, but is posted much faster than usual, so we're up to date at present.

Take care, survive whatever the weather!

Cheers - Fliss

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