Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A 2-eagle day

And it was, a 2-eagle day that is. Actually, I am not sure they were technically eagles. At first I thought they were two rather small wedgetails, but they were behaving differently, flying very low and quartering the area. Amused by the local resident birds going ballistic at the intruders, I watched as the raptors calmly landed in a nearby tree and contemplated the scene.

When I looked up the various eagle-type pictures I came across some for harriers, and the ones most closely matching the visitors' appearance were swamp harriers:
It seems these birds migrate north at the end of summer, then hunting for small mammals, birds or eggs for food. They are fairly common, though not in this area usually. Well, welcome, visitors!

I have been busy this week, contacting new real estate agents (someone must want my lovely place apart from the wildlife, surely?) and the local councils in the areas I might be moving to. As it is essential for my total well-being to keep my pack of dogs I need to know what I have to do to qualify for keeping the them. Of course it is complicated by councils drawing up their own sets of rules, but so long as I buy a rural place again (like who'd want not to be rural, huh?) it does not seem to be a huge drama. It really is time for me to pull my socks up, tidy up the place and find a buyer!

A change of subject: Betty tells me she has tried a number of times to post a comment, but without success. I'm sorry if Mr Google is being difficult! Anyone is welcome to email me at: feralfliss@gmail.com, so try that if all else fails!

May your weather be kind, your gardens grow and everyone have fun -
Cheers - Fliss.

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