Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A Cacophony of Crows

Hi All,

And just a quick post to tell you about my bit of egg recycling from yesterday. As I said, two of the eight eggs vanished fast yesterday, but then nothing happened overnight. I felt a bit discouraged at the thought of having to hurl six eggs somewhere far away from the house.

This morning there grew a noise of crows, assembling around the house and hidden in the trees. It's odd - crows are smart, and hide themselves pretty well from view, but they haven't worked out that discussing the latest gossip extremely loudly gives them away. That's why they don't work as spies.

Anyway I left them strictly alone, not even looking towards the eggs. I went inside for breakfast, and when I emerged, lo, six eggs had become one and a half. I wondered why they had left the remnants but was busy. I had to go into Warwick to have a new pair of rib belts fitted to the car, hence the birds had yet more space, though undoubtedly watched by slitty-eyed dogs the other side of the fence.

I returned home at lunchtime to find there was no sign of any eggs, not a fragment of shell, nothing. I was pleased with my wildlife for doing a very neat job!
Thank you, Google images!

My dogs complain they lack attention - I must go.

Oh, I should say that El fixed my sound, or lack thereof, while I was in Warwick, so now my computer works in fantastic techni-sound!

Take care, everyone!


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