Monday, 29 April 2013

Feral fowls and the jungle awaits!

Hi all, 

And I hope you feel healthy despite the change of season.

Yesterday I decided to venture into the garden to look at the weeds. That was interesting as there were some extra-length beans hiding out in the foliage, together with hordes of  tomatoes...
Some of those beans are about ten inches long...the dogs will like them when steamed, I hope.

This morning I made a discovery too, in the chook run. One of the feathered ladies had found a cozy corner in which to hide eight eggs. Darn it, I had been grumbling, along with everyone else locally, about how few eggs there were (moulting time, when hens look like plucked turkeys), and now here were eight very dubious eggs. I decided against checking them in water (if they float you throw them as far as possible down the paddock, if they sink you can risk eating them) because the shells are also suffering from the stress of moult season. After consideration, I put them in the fenced part of the yard (no dogs allowed) in full view for any hungry birds passing by. It was too late for the magpies, who had already discussed the morning and departed, but there was loud talking amongst the crows. To my disappointment they only took two, so there are still six eggs sitting grubbily in the yard. I hope the birds are hungrier by morning.

This afternoon the Jehovah's Witnesses called around. Oh, good. One lady comes from the Philippines so is familiar with Malabar spinach, and they both eat tomatoes. Excellent. Plastic bags issued and they harvested, also happily taking some basil and seeds. It may not have been their first intention, but I think the free veggies made them happy anyway. More visitors, please?

Have a very good evening/morning/night, won't you?

Cheers - Fliss

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