Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Well, a day late with my first posting, but I have been wrestling with the mechanics of doing a new activity (blogging!). My blog is my resolution for 2013 - a good way to keep in touch with everyone, and hopefully a way to meet new friends

So, here I am, and busting to share my New Year's celebration. No fireworks, as I went to bed at my usual time... Anyway, Mischief-dog woke me very early, as the sun came up. She ignored my groans as she was awake and therefore the world was there to be walked on, sniffed at and generally stirred into being.

I wasn't going to be able to be my usual lazy morning self, so I unwrapped the other two dogs who sleep in the bedroom, from their place on a mattress. 'Yeah! Morning already, let's bounce!'

We collected the verandah dog and went into the paddock, me still in my night garb. The dew was still soaking the grass, the world was new, and there was the most amazing roaring noise. It was loud enough to be a cup final, but it came from the paddocks around us. I stood still, trying to work it out until at last the roar faltered and I could make out a frog croak amidst the din. There must have been thousands, all celebrating the recent rain and the chance to breed. I couldn't see any frogs, so suspect they were the little brown fellows that climb the verandah walls at night. 

For some minutes I stood in awe of the little frogs and their loud New Year. The sun started to heat the day and the crows swooped to feed, commenting loudly about how nice a morning feast was provided. Then there was instant silence, total as if there had never been a frog in the area.

It was time to pick up the morning routine, on a different New Year's Day.