Thursday, 31 January 2013

Isolated on the Mountaintop...

This is penned by a substitute blogger, as alas my mother is electronically isolated on her hill. As I'm sure she will fill you in, she has had issues with Telstra, her telecommunications providers.

Many of you will, I'm sure, empathise with her if you have ever had to deal with complaints departments based in India. If you are and Indian working in a call centre you can probably empathisise with your colleagues dealing with my mother.

call centre: "could you please power cycle your modem?"
mother: "I haven't ridden a bicycle since 1972, and I fail to see how that will help"
call centre: "no madam, we need to reboot your modem"
mother: "reboot it? I still haven't found it since I booted it the first time"

Well, now that I've ensured I won't be called on again as a substitute blogger, here's a photo from my soggy corner of the world...

 This is Wendy (my long suffering wife), Stella (newest addition to the family), and Sophie (the long suffering Labrodor). Stella, the minature piglet, joined us in time for our recent wet spell, and seems to be enjoying the mud more than most! Sophie is still not sure what to make of her, but is starting to warm to the idea, as she's worked out that she gets more treats when the pig is around. We haven't told her that dogs are not really suposed to eat watermellon.

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