Thursday, 24 January 2013

Am I here?

I am currently suffering for my life in the bush. We have cloud cover, so the mobile phone drops out. The TV is temperamental about whether it transmits many channels. Finally, the Internet is mainly unavailable. This is the third day I have tried to post a blog and I don't know whether it will penetrate through at all. I shall try a very short couple of paras, and if they succeed in breaking through the barrier I shall try a proper send later. Please forgive me for this!

We have the weird situation now that while the poor Victorians are still fighting their bushfires, Cyclone Oswald made landfall in North Queensland and si now a rain depression rolling down the coast. While the folk up north are flooded out, we have had 2 mm so far (optimism says there's more to come). Give me floods any time,  but I do wish our modern technology could mange cloud cover a bit better.

I'll try to raise a flicker from the Internet now, and send this (so far it is dormant this morning).

Cheers - Fliss

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