Friday, 25 January 2013

More drama

I won't try to do anything fancy in this posting either, given the difficulties in getting it out... but I have heard from son Duncan. He has been working on an island off Gladstone for the last fortnight and I was concerned about how safe it would be for him to try to return home as scheduled, given the wild weather up there from the ex-cyclone (maybe going to re-form, they  say). Well, he isn't getting home or anywhere for the time being - no planes, no helicopters, no boats - they are totally isolated by the stormy conditions. They have run out of running water to supply the camp as the company didn't think to instal water tanks, but Dunc says they have plenty of bottled water and food. He's a bit concerned because he is in charge of any employees who are sick, and they are also stuck there. I have faith that Duncan will manage their illnesses just fine, but it's certainly a potential problem for him. Now I'm a bit worried that the company has built the camp sufficiently well for it to stand up to cyclonic conditions!

Hopefully the weather system will move south overnight so things will settle down for them all tomorrow. Then he'll just have the problem that the weather system is due to hit this end of the state, so he still won't be able to get home!

Meanwhile, flood gates have been opened in Wivenhoe and North Pine Dams as a precaution - the 2011 floods are very fresh in people's minds. Sandbags have been distributed around Brisbane in case they need to hold back flooding creeks. It all seems so crazy - one week bush fires, then potential floods in Brisbane. Up north they already have two people drowned, rescues here, there and everywhere. But hey, life doesn't get boring!

Cheers - Fliss

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