Friday, 11 January 2013

I'm expecting!!!

This is mark 2 of this mailing, due to the weather. With the heat, and now thunder clouds, the Internet is remarkably fickle (I depend on wireless out here). For once I had written today's blog with no problems, posted it... and it went somewhere in the stratosphere, sob!

And welcome to the Canadians - please say Hi and introduce yourselves!

Anyway, to the happy event I am expecting. As I mentioned back in my intro, I do at times live with children around me. More often than not, actually, for I am an ancient foster carer. It is a great way to spend one's 'golden years', much better than settling for some placid retirement. I made a decision several years ago that I will continue to welcome children in until I exit my heavy old bod.

I have had a holiday for the past month or so, following a very busy year in 2012. I had mainly teenagers last year, which I found... um, challenging. I had a couple of delightful ones and some definitely major trials. The final one, a 13-year-old, I had for a couple of weeks running into December. She was part of the reason I decided to have a month's rest. It kind of broadens the mind sometimes, this fostering, even after over 70 children have come and gone!

I felt that this year I would really rather revert to younger children for a while. While teenagers are more independent and can shower and toilet themselves (usually) they still tend to be very adolescent! Anyway, the phone rang early this past week, the Dept wanting to know if I was interested in a pair of younger boys. After some discussion, I think we may be able to have fun together. I hope.

Oh, a by the way - the lovely girl in my intro photo is my talented granddaughter, Becca, showing off her Xmas creation before we ate it! I cannot post pictures of my foster children, for obvious reasons. But here's a pic I like, of children being happy. It should be the right of every baby born, instead of all the sad and damaged children we often see. It is such a buzz when kids start to relax and laugh...
Have a very good day, won't you? I'm hoping to rush this through the ether before the impending storm hits!

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