Monday, 18 March 2013

Where Eagles soar...

At present wedge-tailed eagles are prospecting the place. I am not a happy human, a classic stuff-up having occurred and taken away the child I was expecting to welcome last week. I decided the adage of 'least said, soonest mended' was the best I could come up with in the circumstances, and retreated to my hilltop.

By great good fortune the eagles decided to visit. They are quite amazing to watch, floating effortlessly on the thermals. Apparently they can actually see the thermals, so are able to spend all day soaring while prospecting for prey. 
photo by Flickr

Wedge tails are the largest Australian raptor with a wingspan up to 7'5" (2.27m) and can take prey up to the size of a sheep if needed. However, they usually eat rabbits or hares, though cats, small dogs and chooks are very welcome. I lost two very large roosters some years ago which must have made a great feast for the happy family! Nowadays, with both my cats deceased and my chooks securely penned, I can just enjoy this magnificent bird. The one visiting me yesterday circled around for a good half-hour before leaving - a very welcome visit!

Today has been less dramatic, but a skinny wallaby sat outside the garage this morning and gazed at me. Luckily the dogs didn't spot her or they'd have scared her pouch off! They couldn't reach her, but they make a fair din if excited by a piece of hopping wildlife.

My street kid dog has blotted his record by attacking his bed last night (I removed it this morning so now he will have to sleep on hay) and then stealing my jumper from the fence - twice! The second time I felt was past enough, so I scragged him. This involves grabbing the dog by the scruff and putting him down in the submission position (on his back with paws in the air). Like the water to stop barking it is totally painless but communicates a clear message to the dog. Banjo has been a much nicer boy today after my assertion of dominance.

Now to collect my little goat herd once more, give them hay and make them happy - it has been a glorious day, so what animal could be miserable?

Take care, be happy too - 
Cheers - Fliss

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