Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Harvest day!

Well, I took a much better picture, but as usual had a lengthy argument with the software to upload it. Never mind. This is just to show that that the weather has improved - intermittent cloud, but some sunshine, and much happier creatures here below! The chooks have started laying again (I only have four, so three eggs is pretty good for the old girls). The beans have provided me with a lovely heap of fresh ones for my tea while as usual I garnered an assortment of little tomatoes. Over-ripe ones go to the birds, while under-ripe ones mellow at their own pace in a bowl, safe from fruit fly outside.

I didn't take Banjo for his stitch removal until yesterday, due to an attack of lethargy on Monday. Also I was contemplating a child who may be needing a home shortly. The jury is still out on Child as I await answers to some questions I have. Potential children also may not end up coming into care, it is always an imponderable.

Yesterday I, being a believing sort of person, tried the route recommended by the Witnesses on Sunday. Well, it was better than for a long while... after months of no road at all, the road across the flats was indeed very fine, still dotted with men in fluoro vests putting in posts at the side and ensuring the under-road drains were clear but a good smooth, albeit slow drive (men in fluoro vests dislike being squashed so reduce permissible speed). However,  I was stopped from approaching the back road described as the short cut to town - nope, go via Lyndhurst Lane. This also was occupied by workmen, this time with the STOP lollipops. Sigh. 

I reached the vet's in time for the appointment with my carload of canines: Mischief in the front passenger seat, Zelda on one side in the back and Banjo being really good on the other. He is such an exuberant dog I had been worried but by putting him on a very short tether he settled down (the dogs are always fastened in).

I was a bit sheepish presenting Banjo, due to him having had a tiff with Virginia over a small piece of left-over bone that they both claimed was theirs. The result was that Banjo had an area of fur missing over one eye... it's called socialisation! As I had expected, Banjo was a two-person job to persuade that he would part with his stitches. However, he did sit whenever asked which was helpful. I then asked if I could leave him with the vet while I went shopping; I felt it might be too much for a bouncy dog to tolerate. They kindly agreed, which after his performance after his op was, I felt, very nice of them. We then gave Zelda her booster vaccination which she accepted with her usual calmness and I headed off. 

For various boring reasons the shopping took me two hours, so I slunk back in to the vet's in expectation that they would complain about Banjo again. But no. He had been a model of a silent dog, just lying patiently in his cage. I praised him to the skies for being a Very Good Dog; he just wagged and wanted to know when we were leaving. So we headed home via the various hold-ups as on the way out. I was tired as El had helped me hurtle around getting the host of things on my shopping list. She is quite amazing in the way she finds the best bargains so I was well loaded and had sore feet. Hence I was very unamused to find that railway workers had decided to close the railway crossing just at the end of our road. A line of vehicles drowsed in the sun, while I got out of the car to investigate. When they saw my purposeful approach the chatting workers decided they were just about to open the gates. Good. I could go home and unload my very full car, including very full dogs who needed a relief stop badly!

Today has been a nice day, mainly at home. I have a lot of weeds about to misbehave, so it is good to have time to potter around a bit with animals and garden.I did go to Allora rapidly to collect a bale of hay so had a couple of happy dogs after their short outing.

Is this larger type better to read? If someone would let me know I'd be grateful.

Take care, avoid all snowstorms, cyclones and dumping surf!

Cheers - Felicity

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