Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Bits and Pieces

Well, and a very good day to you!

I have been ridiculously busy considering I'm doing very little at present. Now there's an oxymoron! I seem to have to run into town all the time for this and that. I try to put it off for a day or two but then have to give in.

The other day I got out of the car, and as I emerged from the garage a streamlined insect, green and yellow, attached itself to my knee. I was lunch. Oh, no, I wasn't, and I squashed the attractive creature flat. Now if that was an endangered species it's now that little bit more endangered and I don't care.

On the nicer side of wildlife, yesterday morning I stood entranced as a galah talked to the world from the top of a dead tree. The rising sun struck his feathers at an angle, turning the pink into the most intense rose-red. I told him he was very beautiful and he thought for a few moments before deciding it was time to leave. We've also had visits to the locality from the eastern rosellas that are like Gauguin paintings, much too beautiful for their mundane names.

 picture from birdpics

Now, an oddity about human behaviour. I ran out of fruit so went in to the local shop for some grapes and peaches, both being on special this week. As I've said before, the normal prices locally are ridiculous, up to four times the cost in Warwick. The local shop had run out of both fruits because, they said, of the long weekend. Long weekend? Easter was not until Friday, when the shops will be shut for one day before opening again on Saturday. This was on Tuesday! Grumbling, I returned home committed to shopping in Warwick yesterday. Warwick was choked with frantic shoppers; queues for parking, lines for the check-outs. Sheesh. I bought my dog bones, fruit and little else, gladly escaping back to my version of sanity.

Banjo is being annoying, doing the typical 1 and 3/4 steps backward I'd expect of him. He was bored all day yesterday because his response to my going out was then to be clingy fro the rest of the day, sitting outside the front door instead of playing with the other dogs. So he moved all the furniture around the front verandah before taking the cover off the lounge chair there and putting it downstairs. Last night he removed all the bird netting I had along the fence and dragged it to the gate for me to find this morning. It didn't actually matter because the netting was due to be removed but he was annoying. Then he tried persistently to bite me when I tied him this morning until I became quite cranky with him and grabbed his scruff. 'Oh,' said Banjo, I'm a lovely submissive dog, look!' Humph.

And now we head for Easter. I hope everyone has as good a time as they possibly can, that the weather everywhere is better than expected and that you are generally happy and well.

Cheers - Fliss.

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