Thursday, 7 March 2013

and a terrible joke...

Hello, and I feel the need to share this. It is the Bad Joke of the Week in the Allora Advertiser this week:

One night after closing time a bar owner was finishing cleaning up, when a spectral hound floats in through the door.

The bar owner is scared, but asks him what he wants.

The phantom hound explains, 'I've lost my tail and cannot rest until a kindly bar owner stitches it back on.'

'Sorry,' said the bar owner, but we don't retail spirits at this time of night.'

Please say it made you groan? 

I just needed a good groan today. My puter crashed yet again yesterday, so I have been hounding El regarding my replacement computer that is taking a very long time to happen. El said she was at the stage of just fitting it into the case and then it would be ready. She has had every technical problem that could happen with it, but it was now sound and ready to roll. 

This afternoon my beast suddenly decided to come back to life, and I just could have an answer: the power button is faulty. When I tried it for the nth time I could feel it click into place. El had wondered about the button in the past, and said if it did go it would not be replaceable. Time to pray for the power button!

A little later, like a quarter of an hour, I had a phone call from my darling daughter. She was actually laughing at her latest setback. She had everything in place, switched the machine on... and was startled by a shower of blue sparks and smoke arising from the innards. It seems the graphics card imploded, sigh.

Oh, well, between us I still have one computer that is functioning - for now.

And I think I know why the link wouldn't work in my previous mailing: I have to save it separately somewhere in my files. I might have to wait until Duncan returns from his visit to California, US of A, and annoy him again.

And here is a Proud Granny picture for you. Cameron, age 14, is making his speech at the special school investiture for the 2013 prefects. He has only been at that school for a couple of terms, but was made a senior prefect.  The young lady next to him was made a junior prefect.

What makes it extra special is that Cameron battles with dyslexia and is still recovering from major leg repair surgery, but still was voted in. He hasn't had many wins at school, but loves his new school and has certainly shone for this occasion. What a fine couple of kids they are!

Sorry this is a bit short. If the computer is still  working tomorrow I might write a more coherent piece. Then again, who knows how the wind blows?

May all your winds be gentle breezes and your paths be kind to wander along.

Take care - Fliss

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