Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Oh no - Part 2

So, to pick up on my story...

The power came back on, as it usually does, before the generator died. Now I have to organise myself to bring the electrician to meet the generator, at the same time as fixing two of my lights (how many problems does that make? No, I've stopped counting!

So far I have no luck replacing the printer. El found a really cheap offer in Harvey Norman's. I rang them about it, only to have them tell me that the toner cartridges are no longer available. That doesn't, sadly, make it a bargain. I've poked around online but am not excited about the various alternatives. Time to call in El once more (she'll groan, and I don't blame her).

Now, as to the pup, and here my heart is feeling very heavy. He was good as they come in the KatHaus, until he heard the other dogs around as I let the goats out in the morning, whereupon he howled a request to let him out. When I released him he was a cartwheel of joy, leaping on all the other dogs in turn.

'Grr', said Mischief, 'Go 'way'. 

He bounced at her again. 'ShuddUP,' said Mischief, followed by an 'Owwwwww' from Pup. He then respected her. He learned quickly, and lesson one around here is that Mischief is Queen Dog, not to be ignored.

Pup and Codi really clicked, both being high energy dogs, and they had a wonderful morning romp doing somersaults over and over each other. Zelda, usually Codi's playmate, was not impressed. The trouble is that she is much more laid back and not up to Codi's level of exuberance. You couldn't blame him for enjoying a kindred furball, but her annoyance was also understandable.

Time for breakfast, so Pup was put in the side yard again. His confusion and fear of the day before had vanished, replaced by enthusiasm for everything - and especially his ration of bones!

I notified the Pound that I had him and they rang back just before dog lunchtime. In the meantime Pup had been for two more exercise bounces. He was already pretty much accepted by the pack, given his friendliness and speed to learn manners.

Having found out that he would only be fed once a day at the Pound, I rapidly prepared the dog meal. I wondered how Pup would go with my version of a dog lunch, but I needn't have worried. Having failed to flatten me en route to having his bowl, Pup suctioned his food down in seconds, only leaving one slice of apple.

A very pleasant young lady called Amanda turned up with the Pound vehicle. She was bewildered by the row of enthusiastic dog faces and couldn't figure which dog was to be taken. She did a double take at it being Pup, as he was the one really barking at her - he had adopted this as his place, totally.

I told her what a very nice dog he was, and suddenly I desperately did not want him to leave. By law he had to as he wasn't mine and we had no idea if anyone would come looking for him, but to me it was clear he had never had a place that was really home to him. As Amanda skillfully rounded him up I stated the obvious; 'He just so terribly wants to be part of the pack...'

She said she was amazed how all the dogs got along so well. I said I was amazed how fast Pup had learned in 24 hours. I also said that if  I could afford it I would put in to adopt him. Looking at my four big, well-fed critters Amanda said she could see I'd be flat out feeding another mouth. I knew, and still know, that the set-up costs to adopt Pup if he becomes available would be high - desexing (compulsory in order to adopt), vaccinations, vet checks... but when I talked to him as he stood in the cage on the back of the ute I just wanted to take him off. He had transformed from the confused, miserable dog of the day before to a wagging, loving dog talking to me.

Amanda said they'd be posting his picture online, but I don't think anyone will claim him. She also promised they would pass him on to Animal Angels, a no-kill shelter. So why do I feel like a monster for abandoning that dog? Logic has nothing to do with it, I am just hoping for a miracle...

Oh, one humourous postscript: Cody, after Pup left, turned to Zelda. 'Bounce?' he asked.

Zelda glared at him. 'I hate you,' she said, and sulked for several hours before relenting and agreeing to play with him. Dogs can be so like humans sometimes!

And here is Pup's Council picture:
May you not meet any straying dogs!!

Cheers - Felicity

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