Monday, 11 February 2013

End knitting Part 2

I don't think I told you about my complaint episode after all the messing around with all the Mumbai lot? I built up to it, thought positive thoughts to myself (nothing ventured, nothing gained, etc) and rang the complaints number. To my amazement I connected to a man who sounded Australian. Tentatively I asked him if he were a native English speaker.

'Oh, yes,' he laughed.' I'm actually part of the Disconnection team, but we collect the overflow complaints.'

Why am I not surprised they have overflowing complaints? Anyway, I grabbed my notes and proceeded to read him my multiple problems, finishing with the fact that Telstra now wanted more money from me. Michael, the chap in Adelaide, was very patient and said yes, he had heard allegations of this kind before.And um, yes, he had noticed that his Indian colleagues tended 'not to think outside the square.' Not how I'd have put it, but I said nothing as he was a nice chap.

Michael announced that in fact if he put me on another new contract I would in be paying about $20 a month less that I am currently. That sounded so excellent to me that I volunteered happily that my problems had been resolved satisfactorily. I'll still wait to see the contract in writing, but this time I am definitely hopeful. 

One new snippet of information: so many people put their complaints on Facebook that Telstra now employs a full-time staff member to monitor and answer the Facebook postings!

And in case anyone is wondering why I don't have any foster children when I said that I was a carer: I was unwell over Christmas, which was a part of the reason I ended up turning down the last two children. Since then the Dept has had a run of far out teenagers which they would only offer as a joke. So I'm cheerfully bumbling around with my menagerie. 

Talking of which: I thank Duncan greatly for posting news of my electronic isolation, and for  attaching the picture of his wife with two of their zoo. Don't you think it was rather rash erv him to call that a pig, though?

Enough. I spent a lot of energy today writing a letter to the Courier mail about a stupid article that should never have been published without some radical editing - it was about a criminally inclined teenager in Care, and raised not only my ire but that of some others who knew more about the scene than the journalist who cobbled together her bread and butter offering. So I shall now play a mindless game and go to bed.

My huge sympathies to the folk snowed in, in the US. Here's a pic sent to me from friend Jackie, who is repeatedly shovelling a path through the snow only to have the path vanish again:
Stay cheerful everyone!


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