Friday, 22 February 2013

And it's friday...

I forgot to write about the upshot of my non-accelerating car. I woke the following morning to find that Brain had been working during the night and had come up with a possible answer as to why the incident happened. What if Pup, in his restlessness in the car, had accidentally put his paw on the exposed gear lever and knocked the car into neutral? That would have produced exactly the effect that happened, of the the engine accelerating but not the car. Of course it never occurred to me to look for that when I pulled up - but as the car has been running perfectly since, I think that almost certainly was what happened.One thing hopefully sorted!

Next, as tot he Pup problem. I had picked him up on Monday, leaving notices at the vet surgery and outside the supermarket (on the communal noticeboard). The owners had until close of business today to claim him before his time ran out - so 5 days. Yesterday, the owners not having contacted anyone, I rang Amanda at the Pound. I raised the possibility of my adopting Pup, and to my surprise she was extremely positive about it. I said that I thought she might feel I have too many dogs (yes, too many for another, so help me!), but she said she thought I would provide a great home for Pup, and she doubted very much if we would hear from the owners. I said that well, it had to run until this afternoon, but she requested I tee up a vet appointment for Monday, to get all the necessary things done for the dog.

I rather felt the decision was made for me, so went with it. I just hope I'm up to training this rambunctious pup - I call him a pup, but he is a young adult with basically no training, a major challenge. I wouldn't take him on except for his attitude over the day I had him, but hope I don't live to regret it.

Then this morning, the phone rang, and a young man said, 'You got my dog?' To cut a conversation short, he said he had been looking for his dog and hadn't realised how long the dog had been missing. I told him to contact the Council straight away, before the time ran out. He said Ah, he'd talk to his Dad about it...

I rang Amanda yet again, and she said we would not hear back from the original owners, she could predict, because she did not think they would bother to pay the fees and collect their dog. I felt awful that they would lose their dog, while Amanda said not to lose sleep over it, as she came across this type of lackadaisical attitude all the time. She was certain the dog would be better off with me. Very nice of her, but I still feel some doubts - how would those people feel if they saw me in Allora with 'their' dog?

Well, as Amanda predicted, there was no contact from the people so they have legally lost their dog to the Council now. Come Monday he is due to be transformed to a new identity! And we will have chaos here...

Have a good night/day, won't you?

Cheers - Fliss

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