Thursday, 28 February 2013

A SAMe sort of day

Yet again the skies are so dark grey that I have to switch lights on in the house. The rain seeps steadily out of the leaking fog, not threatening but a total discouragement from doing anything apart from digging a dry hole and hibernating. I should have been something like a bear, I think.

Brain can take a day or two of utter greyness before it decides that it will shut down. I can't play computer games because Brain isn't awake, I don't feel like doing 'creative' stuff  like housework because Body takes its cue from Brain...This is the point where I ensure I have a supply of the rescue tablets: SAMe. For anyone not familiar with this wonderful chemical, its proper name is S-Adenosyl Methionine. I don't know why it has the suffix 'e', as the two isomers do not have an additional 'ethyl' suffix or anything to justify it, and the active isomer is the SS one - maybe a chemist out there can explain it? In Europe SAMe is available on prescription, but here and in the US it can just be bought. This can be risky to various folk, especially anyone with a tendency to bipolar moods or similar, but for those who only slide downwards, like me, it is a godsend. Used with caution it enables me to splash out with the dogs at regular intervals, actually play better at computer games... and bother the housework. El gave me a fridge magnet with the words: Housework won't kill you, but why take the chance? 

Anyone unfamiliar with SAMe, Google it now if your weather gets you down!

As to the other aspects of life, wet, muddy but still there... the folk came to see the house and declared it was absolutely what they wanted. The only snag, as so often happens, is that they aren't exactly sure when they will have the money. Lovely young couple, but I sent them off with a some little homework exercises to do.  It's lucky I'm not in a hurry to move (I totally love it here), the local housing market being reduced to a few hopefuls wandering around.

Life had another  little challenge the night before last. Apparently Telstra had a 'major fallover' of its communications system. At my end all I knew was that my house phone went dead, my mobile only managed the odd blip of reception and I lost my internet (what's new???). The TV was also affected - a real non-electronic evening. I managed a rapid contact with El and Duncan, enough to say I was here. Duncan then nobly spent an hour or so working his way through the Indians, so not only did I have my phone functioning yesterday morning but I had a follow-up phone call from an Australian Telstra man to explain the crisis to me and check I was back on line.

As to my other challenge, of canine Banjo, well, things are going much as expected, except that he has made it clear he would rather sleep outside than be warm and dry in his shed. He has found that by hurling himself repeatedly at the door he can force it open. It is a heavy, insulated door, but I removed the security catch from it for child safety reasons. I give up, as he can get out quite rapidly now he knows how. He must have very bruised shoulders but he would rather that than be left closed up. Right, so I have a claustrophobic dog? Starting from last night he now sleeps outside under an eave, apparently quite content. Other people may think it unkind, but Banjo is happy with the arrangement.

I'm not sure what the vet will say when we return as scheduled, but probably sigh because my dogs never obey the rules. Banjo removed his Elizabethan collar during the night, so has probably also removed his stitches. He is not complaining so I hope will heal well despite his rebellion. He doesn't like his normal collar either, though this is lasting his ferocious scratching - this is a real street kid of a dog!

This afternoon I have to drive to Allora to deliver some eggs and buy some hay. The goats are on strike, refusing to go out in the paddock because rain is anathema to a goat. If I run out of hay I shall probably have a loud protest group so I have to stock up, one bale at a time because my so-called Magna wagon is a Minima with its space to put bales of hay. Mischief has broken her window winder button, of course with the window in the down position, so I have the additional pleasure of driving with the weather sharing the inside of the car. Ugh.

May your life have some sunshine in it!

Cheers - Fliss

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