Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mothers' Day

Greetings from under a cloudy sky with the hint of winter ahead. As you might surmise, in Oz it is Mothers' Day - maybe in the US also?

Yesterday El kidnapped me to go to a church fete - a fate worse than death as my father used to say. El, as usual, found masses of amazing bargains, while I was in a don't-buy-anything mood. I have to empty out the house and prepare for the garage sale, so my mind-set is 'if in any doubt, get rid of it'. It's amazing how I still have enough clutter for a large family! Laden up with assorted packages that delighted El we then went round the produce stalls. I was going to buy some lemon butter but it had bits of rind in it, which put me off. Then I nearly bought some fudge but resisted it. El bought a packet, and I so wished I had given in to my base urge; it was a melt in the mouth type. Darn.

We then made our way out by way of some dancers - I think they were meant to be Irish, but alas they were the most unconvincing trio I had ever seen, the two younger ones keeping together with their slow moves, while the oldest one was moving like a puppet, slowly, stiffly and completely out of sync with the others. Never mind, they were doing their best which was better than I could claim, having spent absolutely nothing!

We went back to El's where she gave me a very good cup of coffee, before I headed back home. I should add that we swapped bags of spare produce. I have never met purple yam before and it definitely looks like a science fiction monster, with strange hairy roots sprouting from a miniature tree trunk. Hmm, does one steam or boil it? I'm going to have a mixed vegetable tea tonight, with heaps of beans of mine plus yam. Different.
One of my plant pots! Photo by Duncan

This morning Duncan rang sounding very strange, almost unrecognisable. He has spent the week healing the sick of Alice Springs while fighting off a Boy Cold. Poor thing, he has worked all hours while feeling like expiring - I hope he catches up with a good rest now. Meanwhile Wendy has a crook knee and was spending her Sunday morning having a scan. Great Mothers' Day for her!

I celebrated mine by taking a car-load of rubbish to the tip - such a good feeling every time I lighten the load at this end. On the way home I collected a bale of hay from a local farmer so the goats will have some good lucerne every evening. At present they are very confused by the rapidly shortening days and are turning up after dark, very spooky at what might await them behind the nearest grass tussock.

Tomorrow is going to be a nightmare of a day for me. I have the termite inspector coming at 9a.m., plus David the handyman and Phil the slasher (that means he mows the paddock). Later in the morning Brent is coming to take some photo's - well, they won't be from inside the house, let me tell you. The washing up will not be done!

And yeah, the goats have rocked up, so I must tidy this up and then bumble my way up to greet them.

Cheers - Fliss

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