Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Happy Days

Well, a few details have changed over the last few days. I have signed up with the agent who sold me this block of land in the first place, Brent Bowles. I feel comfortable that he knows exactly what he is doing, so if it is possible to sell the place, I think he will; I HOPE!

Yesterday David the Handyman came and fixed things around the place as usual. He also cleaned the bathroom ceiling, which has frustrated me for months. It has been grubby, particularly as a couple of mud wasps got in and put their nests messily around the place. Now the defunct nests have gone and the ceiling gleams. Maybe I need to get the rest of the place scrubbed too? Once upon a time, long, long ago, I used to wash walls and ceilings pretty regularly. Now my shoulders are both off duty, at least for the time being, and I can't do it. Grr.

Talking of the shoulders being off duty, I got in a very silly situation, accidentally, two days ago. I was fishing out the various X-Box leads from under a table, to pack them up. The table shifted, and I landed on my behind. Now, how can one get up off one's somewhat overweight backside, with no useful arms to push up with? I thought about it, with Mischief-dog gazing sympathetically into my face. Short of spending a night feeling very stupid, and probably cold, on the floor, the only alternative was to insult both my shoulders and insist they support me to get up. I squirmed over to a chair, pushed it near the table and leaned on both to hike myself upright again. I managed it, with a yelp or two, but oh, boy, did I pay for it all day yesterday! I smelled herbal and fragrant from the roll-on stick that supposedly aids sore joints. Today is better. Memo: stay upright!

Today I went to Warwick to pick up some fresh fruit, and had a doctor's appointment to get some repeat prescriptions. I had to see a different GP, and showed him the scripts I had left. When I got home I found he had given me repeats on those, but not the ones I had run out of. Sigh. I'll try again next week, and hope I don't actually run out of the tablets in the meantime. The other thing I had to do was ask about the Fluvax (see, Duncan, I do have my needles - sometimes). Ah, yes... the doctor assured me of the needle's efficacy against all but the new bird flu strain, and almost instantly had my sleeve up and I was jabbed. Right. But what about the Pneumocccus needle, he enquired. I told him I'd had it a year or two back, but he said it wasn't on the records. Next thing I had the other sleeve up and another jab. Ow. That one was sore. Thank goodness I'm not a baby, they must get really fed up with all the needles they are attacked with nowadays!

I'm home and rested, and thunder clouds are rolling around. They probably won't do much, but the goats are anxious.

Have a very good Tuesday/Wednesday, won't you all?

Cheers - Fliss

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